Posted in July 2015

Your Meaningful Work – Day 4: Audience

Audience This is the last day of activities, before the creation of your meaningful work statement! Day 4 of “Your Meaningful Work” will have you identify your Audience. This activity will have you address the population(s) you’d like to serve.  Instead of working with “everyone” and “all people,” you will need to narrow down your audience to … Continue reading

Your Meaningful Work – Day 3: Interests

Interests Day 3 of “Your Meaningful Work” will have you identify your Interests. Unlike your talents and gifts, where you’re listing the things you’re good at and like to do, your interests are the things that you have an interest in, things that you’re passionate about, problems you’d like to solve, things that make you … Continue reading

Your Meaningful Work – Day 1: Values

Your Meaningful Work Worksheet Before you begin the first activity, the “Values Assessment,” you may want to print out the “Your Meaningful Work Worksheet.” This one-page worksheet will provide you a place to record your answers of the five activities on one page.  Click on the next link to print out the worksheet (a Microsoft … Continue reading

Your Meaningful Work – Introduction

Transforming education starts with knowing “your meaningful work…” At four different times in my life, I asked the question, “What should I do with my life?” One of those times occured when I was an undergraduate college student. I remember the days of trying to decide on a major; however, it was hard because I … Continue reading