Posted in August 2018

more than one great life

Do you have an interest in developing and designing a life plan?  If so, check out the article here: “Yes, You Can Have More Than One Great Life” – Much of the article was focused on the work of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans out of Stanford, who wrote the book, “Designing Your Life: … Continue reading

week 3 coaching course

This post is an update to our Fall Coaching course, “What Could I Do With My Life.” Just wanted to let you know that I just posted our third week of activities for our coaching course, “What Could I Do With My Life.” Here’s the link to the page: Last week (Week 2), we … Continue reading

tips for great storytelling

Tomorrow (Thursday), I will be posting the content of the third week of our coaching course; the topic? Storytelling. In a nutshell, we’re having students create a quick story that outlines a challenge they were able to overcome.  It’s our hope that the activities from last week (the “I Am Statements”) and this week’s Storytelling … Continue reading

steven pressfield trilogy

If you have an interest in creativity and have about 40 minutes, check out this trilogy of Steven Pressfield gems, as shared by my favorite philosopher and man crush (according to my wife), Brian Johnson ( The War of Art – Do the Work – Turning Pro – Really great collection and thoughts about doing work … Continue reading

make your bed

Decided to start this work week with an inspiration speech.  This is one of my favorites: “University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address: Admiral William H. McRaven” – There’s lot of great wisdom that he shares (10 lessons), but I do love the first one the most – make your bed.  This task … Continue reading

letting kids be kids

I was looking back at a few old articles this morning; today’s article was definitely a topic that made me think a little deeper. The article is written by a high school teacher, sharing his thoughts about his students and the pressure to turn them into adults – before they are adults.  Makes me wonder … Continue reading

wherever i go

During my morning workout, got to listen to several inspirational songs.  There was one in particular that resonated with me more than others: Dan Bremnes’ “Wherever I Go,” which can find here: And here are the lyrics: Well I sweat in the heat of the battle And I fought through the dust and the shadows … Continue reading

living your truth

Last night, I was preparing for my classes the next day.  This week, we’re having students use an activity called “I Am Statements” to help construct their story.  Here’s a link to the activity: I Am Statements Activity – i am statement activity, 8-14-18 For anyone who knows me, I am constantly creating and refining … Continue reading

nothing to offer

I’m working with a few students right now that don’t believe they have anything to share with/offer to the world.  I also believe there are a few adults who feel the same way.  In fact, this thought passes through my head every now and then, even now.  I get through this self-doubt by just plugging … Continue reading

authenticity is magnetic

This week in our “What Could I Do With My Life” course, we have students constructing their current story using “I Am Statements.” To help construct their statements, we’re using Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk as the foundation for this work.  In the end, students have to come up with ONE statement … Continue reading