Posted in August 2018

life-changing habits

Yesterday, I share a post about men and life coaching. Today, I want to focus on some specific areas we could explore in coaching – mainly, habits. I’m also sharing “Food for Thought” with the students in our classes this semester – not extra homework, but links to web sites with useful information to explore … Continue reading

men and life coaching

Last Friday evening, I was asked to be a speaker/storyteller at an event titled, “Storytime and Wine: Men and Masculinity, Part II” as part of a series or workshops through my friend Zitty’s company Deftable (check it out here: I won’t lie, I was nervous; didn’t know what to expect, plus my wife Rebecca would … Continue reading

beginning meditation

In our “What Could I Do With My Life” life-coaching course, we incorporate several contemplative practices in the course.  What are contemplative practices?  Click on the link below to check out “The Tree of Contemplative Practices” (from the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society): “The Tree of Contemplative Practices” – The most prominent contemplative practice … Continue reading

work that matters

First week of classes at UNCG complete. 474 students enrolled in our 25 sections of our 1-credit life-coaching course, “HHS125: Design Your Life I – What Could I Do With My Life.” Our goal is to help students know themselves better, identify how they want to serve something bigger than themselves, then create work that … Continue reading

hate being an entrepreneur?

Later this morning, I have a meeting with a group of faculty who teach entrepreneurship outside the School of Business; we’re all part of the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program here at UNCG.  One of our topics is to talk about how we can continue to spread the word about entrepreneurship across campus without funding from the … Continue reading

the mentally strong

How well are you at managing your thoughts and emotions?  Are you mentally strong? Don’t know or don’t have answers?  Here’s an article that might help: “12 Things Mentally Strong People Do That Nobody Else Does” – It was a fun and intriguing read for me because I had a chance to reflect on … Continue reading

shoulder taps

One of my dear friends and fellow Life Design Catalyst Coaches Kara shared a link with me that really touched my heart last week.  She told me that I was her “shoulder taps” and thanked me for being a part of her life.  I appreciated the thoughtful gesture, but it didn’t make sense to me … Continue reading

where are you right now?

Today is the first day of classes at UNCG; just finished meeting with my first “What Could I Do With My Life” class today. During class, had them answer a set of questions; my favorite was having them answer: “On a scale from 1 (my life completely sucks and I don’t want to be here) … Continue reading

win or learn

During my workout this morning, I have a great song on my playlist.  For some reason, it resonated with me more today than most days – maybe it’s because I feel it’s time for me to find things to stretch myself and step out of my comfort zone. I think it’s a sign, since I … Continue reading

delusions of entrepreneurship

As I prepare an opportunity for a few close friends and Life Design Catalyst Tribe members to venture into the entrepreneurship world by introducing them to the world of side hustles, I remember the real reason why I started the Life Design Catalyst tribe in the first place – I wanted to create a group … Continue reading