Posted in August 2018

living your truth

Last night, I was preparing for my classes the next day.  This week, we’re having students use an activity called “I Am Statements” to help construct their story.  Here’s a link to the activity: I Am Statements Activity – i am statement activity, 8-14-18 For anyone who knows me, I am constantly creating and refining … Continue reading

nothing to offer

I’m working with a few students right now that don’t believe they have anything to share with/offer to the world.  I also believe there are a few adults who feel the same way.  In fact, this thought passes through my head every now and then, even now.  I get through this self-doubt by just plugging … Continue reading

authenticity is magnetic

This week in our “What Could I Do With My Life” course, we have students constructing their current story using “I Am Statements.” To help construct their statements, we’re using Brene Brown’s “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk as the foundation for this work.  In the end, students have to come up with ONE statement … Continue reading

life-changing habits

Yesterday, I share a post about men and life coaching. Today, I want to focus on some specific areas we could explore in coaching – mainly, habits. I’m also sharing “Food for Thought” with the students in our classes this semester – not extra homework, but links to web sites with useful information to explore … Continue reading

men and life coaching

Last Friday evening, I was asked to be a speaker/storyteller at an event titled, “Storytime and Wine: Men and Masculinity, Part II” as part of a series or workshops through my friend Zitty’s company Deftable (check it out here: I won’t lie, I was nervous; didn’t know what to expect, plus my wife Rebecca would … Continue reading

work that matters

First week of classes at UNCG complete. 474 students enrolled in our 25 sections of our 1-credit life-coaching course, “HHS125: Design Your Life I – What Could I Do With My Life.” Our goal is to help students know themselves better, identify how they want to serve something bigger than themselves, then create work that … Continue reading