purposeful work

In Tuesday’s Edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education, there was an article titled, “How Colleges Help Students Find Purpose in Their Work,” highlighting Purpose Work at Bates College.  I was amused and intrigued by the article because the article takes the stance that purposeful work (or meaningful work) is something new and cutting edge – and we’ve been helping students define meaningful work for at least 4 years now.  But it’s nice that colleges are finally realizing the importance of purpose as a foundation for student development.  YEAH!!!

I will have both the link to the article and a pdf with this note, in case you’re interested in reading the article, listed below:

If you’re interested in further exploration, check out these two links from Bates College that I found that inspires me to keep moving forward with Life Design work:

And check out the titles for the staff:

  • Senior Associate Dean for Purposeful Work and Career Development
  • Associate Director of Purposeful Work
  • Associate Director of Purposeful Work

Who wouldn’t want cool titles like these?  Or to do cool work like this?  If only, right?

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