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an interesting life skill

Disclaimer…if you have a disdain for profanity, exit now. I received this article yesterday, read it, and shared it with a couple of close confidants here at work.  Funny, they shared that some of the points the author makes about being an asshole fit me well.  And I just thought it was because I was … Continue reading

what teachers make

Although we have to work today, the University decided to cancel classes today.  So I decided to catch up with some grading, answers many e-mails, and plan for the next couple of weeks of classes. During a little break, I decided to comb through old files/links that I could share.  I found one to share … Continue reading

how to break 100…90…80

We’ll be covering personal core values this week, but I thought I would give a preview on one of my core values in this blog post. To know me is to understand that my personal core values are what guide my life.  They are what guide my actions and decisions on a daily basis.  My … Continue reading

self-esteem vs confidence

I’m guilty.  I’ve always thought that self-esteem and confidence were pretty much the same thing.  This morning, I read this article and realize how much they are NOT the same.  Here’s how the author defines the two: “Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance that arises from the appreciation of one’s abilities or qualities, while self-esteem … Continue reading

one week job

Since we’ve focused this week on career exploration, I thought I would share an interesting example of how to choose a job/career/calling when you don’t know what to choose. What should I do with my life? As an advisor, life design coach, and career exploration navigator for undergraduate students, I will typically get questions ranging … Continue reading

week 5 coaching course

week 5 coaching course

This week, we are moving away from Story and now moving on towards purpose, as illustrated in the SPARCK Model: In this week’s chapter of “Knowing Yourself,” students are exploring their personality type.  We have two assessments that we use, one in class and one online. First, we’ve created a quick personality assessment test that … Continue reading

right career path

Have you ever wondered whether you’re on the right career path – or not? I found this really short article that identifies 7 ways to know if you’re on the right career path – goes well with the career life lessons I posted yesterday. As you read the article, ask yourself, “Am I on the … Continue reading