Posted in October 2018

be your own life coach

In yesterday’s blog post, I shared our Personal Philosophy Activity, with the hope that students could use their Personal Philosophy Statement to make important decisions about their future.  Ultimately, it’s our goal that students are empowered to coach themselves towards happiness and success – happiness and success for the student, not for the institution. Although … Continue reading

week 11 coaching course

We are getting close to the end of the semester!  We’ve spent the past 10 weeks working on the “Story” and “Purpose” parts of the SPARCK Model.  We will spend the next couple of weeks focused on “Aspirations.” This week, students will be developing their Personal Philosophy – a statement that define how they will … Continue reading

the rhythm of life

This week, our students will be creating their Personal Philosophy – a statement that describes how they plan to live their lives every day.  I’ll post the actual activity in tomorrow’s blog. Today, I want to share the book that inspired me to do this “best version of yourself” work in the first place.  When … Continue reading

the how of happiness

I had to take a few days off from blogging for personal reasons…  Now I’m back and ready to go! I was chatting with a student last week about happiness, where she stated that she wasn’t happy about her life.  Not happy about school, not happy about her family, not happy about anything.  Decided to … Continue reading

week 10 coaching course

This posting is later than usual, but I wanted to make sure that I had a few examples to share before I delivered the post. This week, students are required to create either the Major/Career/Calling Exploration Poster (freshmen and sophomores) or the Calling Connection Mind Map (juniors and seniors).  In a nutshell, the students take … Continue reading

the life you want

Have you ever wondered, “What do you want for your life?”  It’s one of these questions I’m asking myself more and more now, as I explore the possibility of starting a new (or the next) chapter in my life.  What do I want the next 10-15 years of my life to look like, as I … Continue reading

personal best

Today’s article starts off with the one of the best quotes: “Look in the mirror—that’s your competition.” So, what do you need to do to reach your personal best?  I love how the article starts with a sports-related story, something that I can identify with fully. I must admit, as I competed in both golf … Continue reading