Posted in October 2018

week 9 coaching course

Once the students have create d a meaningful work statement, they now get to work on Project #2: Major/Career/Calling Exploration Poster and Presentation.  We consider this the major step in creating a plan for their future – at least on the ‘work” that they are here to do.  Although they will groan about the amount … Continue reading

never go back

Did you ever repeat the same mistake twice?  Or more than twice? Why don’t we learn from our mistakes, whether in business, in relationships, or in life? Well, here’s a quick read to get you thinking…don’t go back to the things that aren’t working. I must admit that this article made me think if I’m … Continue reading

improve your life #1

I’m back from my two trips and had the opportunity to play golf again this weekend.  Although rusty, it was nice to be out on the golf course again. This morning, I was reading an article about how your lifestyle reflects who you are – and came across another article on improving one’s life.  There … Continue reading

week 8 coaching course

This week, students will be asked to formulate a “Meaningful Work Statement” – a statement that describes how they will use their talents and gifts towards their interests to serve particular audiences, using some type of action to make an impact and/or create change.  I would argue that it’s the most important activity in their … Continue reading

the coaching habit

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I’m at the 2018 NACADA National Conference.  I’ve been attending sessions on academic coaching, personal development, and self-awareness – and every session has been full of participants.  I decided that I can use this week to highlight several resources that I have used/found in constructing our Life Design Catalyst … Continue reading

make life amazing

I’ve taken a few days off from posting due to travel; facilitated a full-day workshop at Pitt Community College, home for a day, now in Phoenix, Arizona attending the 2018 NACADA National Conference.  Busy time, but nice to get away. As I was going through my e-mails, I found this interesting article by Eric Barker, … Continue reading