Posted in November 2018

people you need

Relationships matter. In my class yesterday, one of my students shared (after our “Are You Living Your Best Life” Self-Assessment) that she just decided cut off several people in her life the past weekend because she realized they weren’t truly her friends.  You could tell in her voice that this decision had a great impact … Continue reading

staying the same in education

As I think about my role in education in the future, I was intrigued by the article, “Focusing on What is Going to Stay the Same in Education” by AJ Juliani.  I was intrigued because he states that all we hear in the news is how education is going to change in the next 5…10…20 … Continue reading

7 truths to know

It’s been a busy week, so I haven’t had a lot of time to read articles or write; however, I was compelled to read this article today because it touched on many of the things that I have to think about on a daily basis. Here’s a great article that might be helpful in living … Continue reading

week 12 coaching course

Last week, I had the opportunity to facilitate a one-day Life Design workshop at Folsom Lake College with my colleague Megan.  What a great experience! Our Fall Semester “What Could I Do With My Life” coaching course is coming to a close.  In the second week of class, we had students define their story by … Continue reading

the comparison trap

Hi again!  Took a little break from blogging due to travel; facilitated a half-day staff development and a half-day faculty development Life Design workshops at Folsom Lake College in California last week.  Awesome experience!  It’s always a joy to be around kindred spirits! Both workshops used many of the tools that I’ve Incorporated into our … Continue reading