the year of you, day 36

Friday, February 5, 2021

Meditation: At the Center is Love: Liquid Mind –

Question: If you had to give the five-minute summary of your life so far to someone who didn’t know you, what would you tell them?

Answer: Five-minute summary? How about a life summary in 100 words or less. Better yet – if you were in one of my classes, you’d have to come up with a summary of your life in six words, also known as the Six-Word Memoir (Smith Magazine). My six word memoir: “Painful past, light still shining bright.”

Okay, here’s my five-minute summary. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sports! Always have, always will. Ever since I was a kid, sports have been a part of my life. Haven’t had the opportunity to play on any organized sports teams, but always played sports for fun, followed sports, even collected sports cards. Received a Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation and a Master’s degree in Physical Education, dropped out of a Doctoral Program focused on Sport Sociology – see the sports theme? This next chapter (still ongoing) is all about higher education. Hard to imagine that I started college in August, 1981…and have not left a college campus since. I was made for higher education; in fact, I believe that God put me on this earth to serve student, faculty, and staff in higher education in some capacity. I’ve always had this innate desire to helps students get more out of their educational experience – more than I ever got from mine. In my many different roles at four different institutions, I’ve always felt the need to learn, grow, improve, and challenge the status quo. And 30+ years as a staff/administrator, I’m still challenging the status quo. My issue right now is two-fold: (1) institutions not valuing the “student” in student success, and (2) students needing to be empowered to take control of their educational experiences. As I search to find where I fit and how to share my voice, I continuously find ways to create tools and resources that dive deeper into the minds of students (and educators). I am committed to my work, my family (my wife Rebecca, my daughters Amanda and Bethany, and our dog Laci), my Life Design Catalyst Tribe, and most importantly, to my health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). I hope that is enough for my five-minute summary.

Other Stuff

Since today’s topic is on storytelling, here are a few links that are about great stories. I love them because they are stories about pain, suffering, and hope – each in their own, unique way. Check out these great stories:

What is the story you want people to know about you? And why does it matter?

There’s food for thought for a Friday!


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