the year of you, day 52

Sunday, February 21, 2021 (Day 52)

New Meditation Music: Through My Eyes: Liquid Mind (6:45) –

Question: Which people from your past would you most love to see again?

Answer: Believe it or not, that’s an easy answer. There are four people that I would MOST love to see again. My mother, my father, my aunt Jean, and my dear friend Jeff Gardner. I picked my mom and my dad because they were really supportive in what I was doing and the direction of my life. It was always great to see them on our annual trip to see them around the Christmas holiday, one that I think they always enjoyed as well. I really do miss those times; in addition, I still had questions to them that will never be answered. If there’s anything that I learned through this whole process, is that we all have a finite time on this earth, so it’s better to say things and get them out them have then left unsaid – and always wonder. My Aunt Jean (everyone else called her Aunt Bobby) was my mom’s sister and one of my biggest advocates! She used to be a sounding board, always seeing the bright side of things. She had positivity that was off the charts! And I’m sure I got my entrepreneurial streak from her and my mom, since they both started a business together in the latter years of work and after retirement. My mom was the nuts and bolts and my aunt jean was the visionary. It was such a great joy to watch them together! And then there’s my dear friend Jeff. I never got a chance to say goodbye, because he died alone in his place by himself. I loved Jeff because he made NACADA conference FUN!!! There was a time for about 5 years a small group (and it became a larger group over time) would get together after dinner and play a new game that he would introduce to us – and we would play until 2-3am over drinks! It first started at regional conferences, then we started at the National Conference – and it was ALWAYS a great time! I remember him doing a presentation on “Humor in Advising” – and I would say that it was one of THE BEST presentations I’ve ever seen! He just had this dry sense of humor that was always on point! One awesome individual! I know there are a few others, but those are four that really shaped a lot of who I am today. I just hope when I’m gone, someone would choose me as a person they would most love to see again. Easy and hard at the same time!

Other Stuff

For my cycling workout this morning, I decided to watch videos instead of read. Most of the time, I usually narrow down my choice to one or two videos, that way I don’t have to think about it, you know, one less decision to make. This morning, I decided to let God chose for me, since I wasn’t really sure. This morning, I was called to watch “The Playbook,” a documentary that is described as: “Coaches with championship résumés share their personal rules for success in sports and life in this reflective and inspiring documentary series.” I watched the first two episodes this morning featuring basketball coach Doc Rivers and soccer coach Jill Ellis. Loved, loved, loved them! First, here’s the link to the trailer:

Just from the trailer, you can get a few takeaways; but you’ll get more from the documentary. I learned that these leaders in their profession deal with fear and uncertainty just like the rest of us. They each share some of the “rules” that guided them along, my two favorites, that have also become part of my “rules for living” include:

  • keep moving forward
  • be true to yourself

I look forward to watching the other three episodes during my workouts this week! If you ever want to be a coach or a leader, you should check it out. I’m sure you’ll find ONE nugget in their messages.

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