the year of you, day 84

Thursday, March 25, 2021 (Day 84)

Meditation Music: Teach Me to Whisper: Liquid Mind (7:03) –

Question: In which environments or places do you feel most at home?

Answer: I feel most at home when I’m in environments geared towards sports. Sports environments are home for me, not necessarily watching them, but playing them. For example, last night I played in a USTA doubles tennis match for the first time in two years – and although I felt nervous playing an actual match, I felt at home being on the court playing. (Side note: My doubles partner and I lost in a 3rd set tie-break – totally my fault.) I also feel at home on the golf course, which is one of the few places where I don’t think about work. In fact, very few ideas come to me on the golf course. When I’m out there, I focus on golf – and not much else. It’s the same for most of the other sports I play as well. When I’m riding outdoors, I take everything in; when I’m walking/jogging, I just listen to what’s playing (usually music) and take it all in. Being engaged in sports/fitness activities takes me away from others aspects of life and allows me to be present at what I’m doing. As I’m writing this, the meditation music is providing just the background music to keep me focused on the task at hand. If i was to answer what place in my house do I feel most at home, I would have to say the basement, where I have all of our workout equipment. It’s mu sanctuary, especially when I do my morning workouts. But outdoors is definitely the place to be more than indoors.

Other Stuff

If you have your own business or side hustle and it’s not doing well or you want it to do better, I’m going to share three videos that might help with your message and web presence. I’m a big fan of Donald Miller, author of the book, “Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen” by Donald Miller (Amazon link:; one of the concepts I love most that he shares is about “aspirational identity,” which is “to know your customer’s aspirational identity means to know who your customer ultimately wants to become, or wants to be known as the type of person that, [fill in the blank] as it relates to your brand.” I would argue that students go to college because they want to become someone that others would admire – get a job that people/parents respect, become the person they should (or need to) be, to be seen and heard in some capacity, to know that they are enough just the way their are. The education piece is secondary. Funny, most institutions don’t know (or won’t admit) that this is what their role should be; getting a degree is secondary. Surprise!

Anyway, he shares these three great videos about marketing that I just love, that I’ll be using in my side hustle class. Here are the links:

I would LOVE to hear any thoughts about this, since this is something that’s near and dear to me.


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