the year of you, day 92

Friday, April 2, 2021 (Day 92)

Meditation Music: The Treasure: Aeoliah (7:08) –

Question: Is fun something that comes easily to you?

Answer: Definitely not. I’m pretty focused on how I spend my time, preferring routine over spontaneity. I don’t really like to go out much. I would rather spend my time having deep, meaningful conversations with trusted peeps than going out and meeting new peeps. Fun for me would be reading an article or a book, going out to play golf (either by myself or with a small group of close friends), and working out. And I’m okay with that. If you asked my wife Rebecca if I’m fun, she’d probably say no – but not in the way that she has fun. Fun for her is spending time with her family, where I prefer to spend time alone. I have “fun” going out and playing nine holes of golf, especially when it’s really hot (90+ degrees) and no one else wants to be out there. Fun is sitting at my computer, trying to put concepts together to create something new and different, something potentially magical. Fun is watching inspirational movies that make me cry, like the Disney movies “Soul” and “Safety.” I’m a simple guy with simple tastes and simple needs. Doesn’t get much easier than that, right? By the way, some days, writing this journal is fun – especially with topics that really make me reflect.

Other Stuff

I read a great article yesterday that seemed to fit me and the work that I do at UNCG. I’ve been reading a great deal about the future of higher education and the economy; changes are coming, and those of us in both sectors need to be ready to engage in different things. My friend Marianne shared with me that her daughter just got a new title at her institution – Chief Innovation Officer – right after I read this article. And when it comes to student success, I believe we need innovation specialists/officers to lead change, especially with a reduction in the number of students going to college as well as the current students deciding whether it’s worth it to attend. If you are a creative and/or curious soul in higher education, you may want to check out this article:

It’s a new world, needing a new way of thinking. Let’s do this together, friends.


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