the year of you, day 93

Saturday, April 3, 2021 (Day 93)

Meditation Music: The Treasure: Aeoliah (7:08) –

Question: What would your ideal day look like?

Answer: My ideal day would start with a cardio workout, then stretching, then push-ups and sit-ups. Take my shower, then start on or continue working on Life Design Catalyst Work for a couple of hours. I would eat breakfast, then take Laci out for a long walk (preferably between 3,000 and 5,000 steps). Come back and do more Catalyst work, take a nap, then do a little more Catalyst work or go out and play golf, tennis, or some other sport/outdoor activity. Laci and I would take another walk, then get ready for dinner with Rebecca. After dinner, I would read a book or watch a movie, then head to bed around 9:30pm. It’s not so much different than what I’m doing now, except my Life Design Catalyst work is less and I spend more time doing work on my classes at UNCG. And that I don’t get to play much golf or tennis in the afternoon. Although I’ve been trying really hard to go to bed by 9:30pm, especially on the days when I get up at 4:30am to walk outside, it doesn’t happen very often. But I have been really good about getting in my 15,000 steps a day. So far, I think I’ve only had 5 days where I haven’t had 15,000 steps and only 1 day when I didn’t ready 10,000. And right now, I’m averaging a shade over 20,000 steps each day! I know, crazy man. But it’s the only way I can keep the weight down and my sanity up! If I didn’t take the time to move, I bet the pandemic would make me MORE crazy! I’m not going to say that I will create my ideal day when I retire…by then, it might be too late. Why not try to incorporate your ideal day now, so that it’s already a part of your life. Doesn’t have to be big things are the beginning; it can be something small that works. For example, I know that once I start back at work, I will try to engage in walking meetings, part my car farther away, and just spend more time on my feet so I can continue to get my steps in. Small changes lead to big results!

Other Stuff

This morning, after I finished my workout, I watch a video by Benjamin Hardy on success – and how to measure success. I love it because he states that most people measure success by external measures, usually comparing themselves to someone else. He suggests that you measure your success (once you determine what success means to you) by comparing your present self to your former self. Are you better now than you were one year ago. Or five years ago. Or ten years ago. You also need to set a goal of what you want your future self to look like, so you have a way to measure your progress. To learn more, check out his video here:

It’s easy for me to do in golf, harder in life. But I’m going to give it a try! Definitely food for thought for a Saturday!


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