the year of you, day 111

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 (Day 111)

Meditation Music: Adagio for Sleep: Liquid Mind (7:36) –

Question: What is the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Answer: Wow, I can’t even remember the last concert I’ve been too; oh yeah, I went to a Christmas Concert with Rebecca when we first started dating – and HATED IT! But that’s not the question, is it? The best concert I’ve ever been to…my ex-wife and I actually went to a Dave Koz concert in the early/mid 1990’s in Florida and got seats near the front row. Norman Brown was the opening act. They were both AWESOME – so awesome that it was my start into listening to jazz. The music was incredible! And I’m going to date myself, when I was working at the College of New Jersey, one of my former students (Marni Bentley) took me to a Backstreet Boys concert. I think she had just broken up with her boyfriend; so, she decided to take her favorite advisor to the concert. Yes, I was probably one of the oldest people there (this was probably early 2000’s), but I had a great time – and still listen to Backstreet Boys music to this day! Those two stand out most for me.

Other Stuff

I watch lots and lots of motivational videos, even more now than before because of this blog. I’m getting ready for a presentation and wanted to find a cool video on serving others, and this video came across my view. Might be one to check out if you have a desire to improve your life.

Another short video with great words of wisdom.


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