the year of you, day 115

Sunday, April 25, 2021 (Day 115)

New Meditation Music for the week: Velvet Morning: Liquid Mind (7:41) –

Question: What would your dream day off look like?

Answer: A dream day off would have to be a sunny day, that way I could go outside and do something – most likely play golf. Honestly, a dream day off would include a morning workout, engaging in some type of Life Design Catalyst work, maybe doing a presentation, playing 9 holes of golf, taking Laci out for a walk, eating pizza for dinner (and my two bananas and chocolate milk for breakfast), a good read before bed, sex with my wife, and then off to sleep. Actually, for the most part, that sounds like my every day, both during the week and on the weekends. I guess when you’re engaged in work that you love and that it serves others the best way possible, it’s the perfect blend of work and life. Even though I don’t get any buy-in from the people at UNCG, it still doesn’t keep me from doing my best to create experiences that matter most to our students. To me, they are more than just numbers…they have dreams and challenges just like to rest of us. And if I can help them pursue their dreams and minimize/eliminate the challenges, then it’s a job well done. So my dream day off is also my dream day on. How’s that for something different?

Other Stuff

I’m taking in input every day, whether it’s reading an article or a book, watching a video or two, or doing some type of learning and/or sharing every day. It’s my way to grow 1% better every day. By the way, did you know that in terms of time, you only need to do something for 14 minutes and 24 seconds in order to get 1% better in a day. What could you do to make your life better in 15 minutes a day? Read a chapter or two in a book? Call a family member or friend? Take a walk around the block in your neighborhood? Watch an inspirational video? I have put together a compilation of resources on the Resource Page on this blog ( that could be useful in helping you get 1% better today, tomorrow, the next day, for a while.  Don’t you think a better version of yourself might make your life better? Maybe?

Anyway, here’s another interesting read. Check out the article and come up with one thing you could do to 10X your life. One SMALL thing! Here’s the article with a list of 20 – just choose ONE.

My commitment right now – sleep more. Getting by on 6 to 6 1/2 hours a night. Goal right now is between 7 to 7 1/2 hours a night. Instead of trying to do it for a week straight, let’s just start with tonight (Sunday). I was able to get at least 7 hours on both Friday and Saturday night and have felt pretty good each day. With early morning workout on Monday morning (outside by 5am), early to bed needs to be the rule of the day.


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