the year of you, day 249

Monday, September 6, 2021 (Day 249)

Relaxing Music for the week: Unity: Liquid Mind (9:50) –

Question: What places in the world have meaning or significance to you?

Answer: I don’t know if there are any places in the world that have meaning or significance to me, since I don’t really attach myself to places. For example, looking back at my life, could I honestly say that there was a place that I really loved living more than any other? House-wise, the answer would be no. However, I can say that I found my time in Delaware, at least the first time around, to be pretty special, not because of Delaware itself, but the people in my life. I got to work with some great, great people, like Mike Peterson, Dave Barlow, Jeff Schneider, Gail Mattix, John Gillespie – and a host of others. I had great, great friends, like those mentioned above, as well as Joe Collison, Jeff Smith, Steve Forbes, Amy Aungst, Sharon Collison, Dave Edwards, and so, so many others. And I was involved in so many activities and had so many connections that it was extremely hard to leave. Since then, I can’t say that there has been a place I’ve lived where I’ve had those kind of connections. Now, most of my connections are away from North Carolina – and I can’t say that there’s many places I’ve been since Delaware where I’ve made such great connections.

As a side note, I just passed the 5,000,000 mark for steps this year. I’m actually going to redefine my goal for the year – and see if I can get to 7,000,000 steps this year, instead of the 6,000,000 steps I set earlier this summer. It’s really interesting – I wanted to see how many steps I’ve averaged per day this year since I started this steps challenge at the beginning of my workout year (which actually started on December 27, 2020). For 252 days this year, I have averaged 20,105 per day for that many days! And to think that it’s included travel to three or four different places around the country, when I didn’t have a change to get many steps in each day. Anyway, I just did the calculation – and between now and the end of the year, I need to average about 17,700 steps per day for the next 113 days in order to reach 7,000,000 total steps for the year – or about 124,000 steps per week, which I was not able to hit only 4 weeks this year (I did get that number or more 32 weeks during the year). As you can tell, I’m pretty obsessed with my fitness goals…


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