the year of you, day 305

Tuesday, November 2, 2021 (Day 305)

Relaxing Music for the week: Language of Silence: Deuter (10:11) –

Question: What does spirituality mean to you?

Answer: I’m going to use my definition from my value tags activity to define spirituality, as follows:

“To believe that there is a higher power, but not necessarily based on religious beliefs. To view life from one’s soul or spirit. To live a life based on one’s own values and ideals and understand who we are and why we are here.”

That definition works for me. Everything in that definition describes how I feel about spirituality. In fact, I would take it one step further; the bible states that we were created in God’s image. Therefore, I believe that each of us has god-like abilities residing in each of us, waiting to be shared with the world. And it’s up to each of us to use those abilities to become the best version of ourselves in service to something bigger than ourselves.  And that’s why I am so engulfed in Life Design Catalyst work, so I can help people bring out and use their God-given abilities to serve the world magnificently. And I definitely live my life based on my values, my ideals, and my purpose, which makes it easy for me to make decisions. Of course, the last part of the last sentence – understand who we are and why we are here – is the main reason why I do LDC work. Imagine if every person was clear about themselves and what they’re here to do; the world be a much better place. So it will be fun to see where this spirituality journey takes me.

Other Stuff

I had a tough night of sleep this morning because of severe leg cramps. If there’s a silver lining for not getting a lot of sleep is that I spend most of my time reading, with the hopes of falling back to sleep. This morning, I read an article that addressed whether purpose or pleasure was the key to happiness. I would argue purpose is the key, since purpose is long-lasting and intrinsic, where pleasure is short-term and external. Again, just my thoughts, but it’s at least an interesting read.

So, after reading the article, which is a more important key for you – purpose or pleasure?


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