the year of you, day 308

Friday, November 5, 2021 (Day 308)

Relaxing Music for the week: Language of Silence: Deuter (10:11) –

Question: What practices feed your spiritual side?

Answer: One of the practices that definitely feeds my spiritual side is reading. I actually spend at least an hour a day reading SOMETHING, whether it’s a chapter in a book, reading/watching a Brian Johnson Philosopher’s note, or a short article first thing in the morning. Read, read, read. Of course, it’s one thing to read…it’s another thing to take that knowledge and turn it into something. And I’m convinced that taking something that I’ve read and turning it into an activity is a unique ability that God has given me. I think that’s why I can create a TON of material that we use in our Life Design Catalyst Program. If you believe in our mantra, “Awakening Meaningful Change,” any one tool that I create can be the catalyst to awaken meaningful change in someone – or a group. Yesterday, I watched the following video by Benjamin Hardy: “How To Visualize 10X Effectively” – – which he learned from Grant Cardone. And I think it’s great to visualize what 10X Thinking might look like; but for me, I see it as an opportunity to create a tool that can be used to develop 10X thinking, then apply it as part of our Big 3 activity – how do you 10X your energy, how do you 10X your work, and how do you 10X your relationships. And that’s how my brain works and why I love reading so much.

Another spiritual practice? Movement. Yes, I do exercise almost every morning, but throughout the day, I’m also finding ways to move, such as walking to and from class and taking Laci out for walks. I have to make sure that I don’t sit for long periods of time; because I’m dealing with blood clots and blood flow issues, I shouldn’t be sitting for long periods of time. I’m not always great about that, since there are times I get caught up in doing LDC work; however, going to class keeps me from doing that too often. And being home with Laci (when working from home) gets me outside at least 2-3 times during the day when taking breaks. And as you know, I do exercise almost every morning, so that also get me moving my body on a mostly regular basis. I’m always finding OTM’s – Opportunities To Move!

Other Stuff

This morning, before I started my workout, I read several articles that peaked my interest. The one I’m profiling today was BY FAR the best of the bunch, since the focus was on purpose. But I can tell you that it was a really neat perspective because the author makes a distinction between working for purpose and working for fun. In fact, he proposes a middle ground – doing work that’s “interesting,” which he believes is the cross between purpose and fun. Definitely made me smile when I was done. Check it out here:

So, is your work fun or purposeful – or merely interesting? For me, I’m always about purpose, but with creativity, curiosity, imagination, and play sprinkled in. Yes, that sounds “interesting” to me!


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