are you excited about tomorrow?

Have you ever read an article that makes you go, “Ummmmmmm,” over and over? I read one earlier this morning. Check it out here:

I thought it was a great perspective on life, one that’s been missing from mine for about 59+ years! I had short periods where I was excited about tomorrow, but they would pass – and I would get back into the weeds again.

I can honestly say that I feel a renewed sense of life every since I retired last July AND devoted more time to building Life Design Catalyst work and serving the Life Design Catalyst Tribe. Several friends have shared that I seem to be more focused and more passionate on what I’m doing both personally and professionally. My wife Rebecca said that she’s enjoying “retirement Bill” much more than “working Bill” – although “retirement Bill” is still working part-time.

To be honest, I’m scared that time will pass me by and I won’t remember specific details or experiences. And that would REALLY suck! He shares this thought in the article that resonated with me…

And finally, the years start to blend. And all of a sudden, you’re 80 years old, and you’re sitting in a chair, and you say: “What happened to my life? Where did all my time go?”

Yes, that’s a real scary thought.

Now, I want to find ways to treasure each day and think about what I can do have a great – or and even better – tomorrow.

Now, ask yourself the question: “Are you excited about tomorrow?”

I am!


2 thoughts on “are you excited about tomorrow?

  1. I realize that I am more excited about my future than the mundane things in my everyday life. I feel like I am doggy paddling my way through life and that is not very exciting. I enjoy reading your posts because it introduces me to new people, new ideas and new perspectives. Plus I get to learn about you, which has been rather…interesting. So thanks and keep up the great work.

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