Activity Set: Character Resume

Activity Set: Character Resume

It’s time! You have now completed ALL of the activities and assessments to construct your Character Resume!

Instructions to complete the Character Resume are listed below. If you want a preview, I’m sharing the links to the two versions I created for my Character Resume – a two-page version that lists my results from all of the activities and a one-page version that is a condensed version of the two-page version (a shout-out to my friend Markus who challenged me to create a one-page version of the Character Resume).

If you want help constructing your Character Resume, I’ve included two templates further down this page that might be useful.

Let’s do this!

Character Resume Instructions

Your character is a compilation of traits, qualities, and features that make you who you are. The Character Resume will have you take the information from the previous 5 weeks of Assessments and Activities (Personality Types, Strengths, Values, Motivations, and Personal Superpowers), and your Seven-Word Life Motto(s) to create a document that provides a summary of who you are and what makes you uniquely you. The Character Resume answers the question, “Who am I?” and is useful when asked “Tell me a little about yourself…” when interviewing for a job, apprenticeship/internship, and/or graduate school.

Your Character Resume consists of the following:

  • Character Summary
    • A Character Summary is a paragraph that summarizes your character attributes, a summary of what’s best about you, a summary that tells us about you and what makes you tick. Your Character Summary should be anywhere between 3-10 sentences and could be a paragraph or a series of bullet points. You choose what works best for you. What are the traits and characteristics that stand out most? What words or phrases show up time and time again in your results of the various assessments? At the end of this section, you’ll find examples of Character Summaries that have been used by my students in the past. One piece of advice – It might be helpful to write your Character Summary last, after you’ve completed all of the others sections of the Character Resume.
    • Use the questions below to help you create your Character Summary:
      • What was the most interesting characteristics about your personality types? What stood out or showed up the most between the various assessments?
      • What strength(s) described you best? What strength(s) so you feel you engage with most (and best) on a daily basis?
      • What was most interesting about your Principles You results? Was there a statement(s)/description(s) that seemed to describe you best or resonated with you the most?
      • Which values were most aligned with how you live your life, both personally and professionally?
      • Which personal and/or workplace motivators really fit you perfectly? Are there any in particular that play out in your life?
      • As you reviewed your results from the Human Drives Assessment, what resonated most with you?
      • Which superpowers do you consistently use on daily basis? How do they connect with the other attributes that you’ve identified?
    • Character Summary Examples
      • Determined learner that seeks to fully understand how things work. Reliable to others when it comes to finish projects on time, help others in need and passionate to exceed expectations. Interested in chasing autonomy and constantly looking at opportunities for growth. Quick to adapt when the situation needs it and creative to find solutions for the tinniest issues.
      • An inspired and driven student constantly looking for areas to grow and evolve. Honesty and accountability hold as fundamental values and can be seen through a strong work ethic and constant pursuit of personal development.
      • An energetic, optimistic, futuristic and forward thinker who likes to learn and take on new challenges with strategic and creative problem-solving skills. Always aiming to be the best I can be through different experiences and gaining new knowledge. It’s important to me to work in an environment where no day looks the same, is fast paced and exciting, collaborate with a diverse group of individuals who inspire one another daily, and help various communities on a local and global scale.
      • Creative handworker who is willing to included everyone and treat everyone equal. Motivated my personal values and is goal orientated. Creating new things, always trying to grow, and having fun are most important. Always pushing to do better and to be successful. Responsible, caring, and respect are important values. Have fun and live do what you love with no regrets.
  • Personality Assessments (Brief descriptions are optional.)
    • Your Personality Type 4-Letter Code and 3 to 5 Characteristics.
    • Your Enneagram Number and 3 to 5 Characteristics.
    • Your Big Five Aspects Scores above 60% and 3 to 5 Characteristics.
    • Your Holland Job Aptitude Primary and Secondary Interests Areas and 3 to 5 Characteristics.
  • Strengths Assessments (Brief descriptions are optional.)
    • Your Top 5 (VIA) Character Strengths.
    • Your Top 5 (Gallup StrengthsFinder) Engagement Strengths.
    • Principles You Assessment (Brief descriptions are optional.)
      • Your 3 Archetypes: Best Match, Good Match, and Moderate Match.
      • How You Prefer to Think Characteristics. Write down those attributes that are Moderate, High, and Very High.
      • How You Engage With Others Characteristics. Write down those attributes that are Moderate, High, and Very High.
      • How You Apply Yourself Characteristics. Write down those attributes that are Moderate, High, and Very High.
      • Any other characteristics, descriptions, and/or attributes that might be important/useful in describing your uniqueness.
  • Values Assessment (Brief descriptions are optional.)
    • Your Top 5 Personal Core Values.
    • Your Top 5 Desired Work Values.
    • Your 5 to 7 Lifestyle Values.
  • Motivators Assessments (Brief descriptions are optional.)
    • Your 5 to 7 Personal Motivators.
    • Your 1 Workplace Identity.
    • Your Top 5 Workplace Motivators.
    • Your 1 Human Need and 3 to 5 characteristics
  • Superpowers
    • Your 3 to 5 Personal Superpowers, with brief one- or two-sentence descriptions for each.
  • Your Seven-Word Life Motto. Make sure to include at least one Seven Word Life Motto. Feel free to include additional Seven Word Life Mottos if you have more than one.
  • Optional – Feel free to include other things in your Character Resume, including inspiring quotes, a nickname, your picture, or anything else that defines you. Include any relevant information that you believe would be useful to “get to know you” better.

There is no ONE RIGHT WAY to create your Character Resume, so feel free to arrange your sections in a way that is uniquely you. If you noticed, on my two-page Character Resume, I put my Seven Word Life Mottos right after my Character Summary because I felt that they represented me best. On my one-page Character Resume, I placed my Character Summary on the bottom as bulleted points – just because I wanted to highlight my most important personal attributes. So, use your creativity to create a document that resonates most with you!

If you don’t know where to start, I’ve created two different templates (in Microsoft Word) that you can use as a starting point. Feel free to modify them as you see fit. Click on the links below to download one or both templates:

Of course, if you don’t have Microsoft Word, feel free to use your own program to create your document. Feel free to edit the document as you see fit. Limit your Character Resume to no more than TWO PAGES (front and back).

If you need examples, check out the two that I created:

Remember, the goal of your Character Resume is to be able to answer the question, “Who am I?” and the request, “Tell me a little more about yourself…” Feel free to use any program you desire to create your Character Resume; my request is that when you save your document, save it as a PDF, so it can be viewed across multiple platforms.

Remember, this is a work in progress, so if there are other things you’d like to include in your character resume, feel free to do so. Just make sure to limit your Character Resume to TWO PAGES (front and back). 

And if you want a supreme challenge, take your two-page character resume and condense it into one page!

If you have any thoughts or comments about any of the Activities, Activity Sets, and/or the Character Resume, please send me a note at

This concludes the “Know Yourself, Know Your Truth” module. I hope that you found it a great learning experience!

P.S. If you don’t mind sharing, please send me your Character Resume at; I’d love to have a collection of examples to use for future workshops/classes.


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