4 thoughts on “Life Design Catalyst Coach Training Program (May 2019)

  1. Hi Bill – I have *THE BEST* chocolate cake recipe for you. This is Suzanne from Jackson College. We recently re-connected at the California Natl. On Course conference. I attended the afternoon portion of your pre-conference session. You mentioned chocolate cake and something about “an ex”. This recipe is from my ex-husband’s mother, a devoted Irish Catholic mother and spoiler of all children and grandchildren. I have it as a Word file and could send along in an email to you, just let me know. Hope you’re doing well and finding your joy being home again after a conference weekend.

    • Hi Suzanne! I hope all is well with you! Thanks for coming to the pre-conference session; I hope that you enjoyed it! I’m always charged when I get to do a session! How are things for you at Jackson College? I hope that life is treating you well!

      And thank you for your generosity – I would LOVE to have your chocolate cake recipe! Might be a good summer project for me to test before the semester starts! You can e-mail me at whjohnso@uncg.edu. Thanks in advance; take care and have a great day!

  2. Hello Bill,

    My name is Sharon Withers and my husband and I are interested in becoming Certified Life Catalyst Coaches. We live in Winston Salem NC and we both work full time. What are our options?

    Sharon – 336-615-1618
    Hiawatha – 336-287-3038

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