tucker and tony

Good day friends! How’s your day going today?

So, it’s my goal to share lots and lots of tools and resources with you this year, things that can be used to improve your life and improve the lives of those you serve.

My friend Kristie share this video with me on Monday…and then I got another message about it this morning. (Hint: Once might be a coincidence, twice is a message!) Needless to say, I watched it a few minutes ago. Although I’m not a Tucker Carlson fan, I am a BIG Tony Robbins fan, so I wanted to see what Tony had to say this time around. He discusses the three things you can do in 2023 to improve yourself. If you have 5-6 minutes, check it out here (I also shared them below):

The thing that I loved most about Tony’s message is what I was trying to get across at the last Life Design Catalyst Training (December 2022), as well as with the population I serve here at Davidson-Davie – create a compelling vision of your future. Most of us are in survival mode, just living day-to-day; there’s nothing compelling that’s driving our actions or decision other that getting through the day. As I shared in yesterday’s post on life domains, I share my compelling future for 2023 in three areas of my life – myself, my relationships, and my work.

So, here are some thoughts that resonated with me in the video:

  • We don’t fail because of a lack of resources (external), we fail because of a lack of resourcefulness (internal).
  • Three tips to improve your life in 2023:
    • Develop a compelling future.
    • Shift your emotions.
    • Invest in yourself.

Tony also talks about the 5-day Challenge he’s doing from January 24-28, 2023. I’ve done several of his 3-Day and 5-Day challenges over the years and I always find at least one takeaway in every challenge. If you want to commit to a bigger and better 2023, to learn something new that you can share with others, and love (or like) Tony Robbins, sign up. It’s FREE!!! You can learn more about it here:

By the way, if you ever wonder why I’m so passionate about who I am, what I do, and how I serve using Life Design Catalyst work, it’s because of people like Tony Robbins, who inspire and motivate me to keep doing the work and to keep moving forward.

Side note: I signed up, so join me and maybe we can set aside time to chat about it!


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