let it go

During my hour-long workout this morning, I decided to switch up my workout music.  Instead of listening to my regular playlist, I decided to listen to Billboard’s Top 50 Christian songs for the week of September 14, 2019.  What a great choice! There were definitely songs that got my blood pumping, as well as songs … Continue reading

daring classrooms

As many of you know, I am a big Brene Brown fan!  From showing her TED Talk in our “What Could I Do With My Life” course (to help our students developing an “I Am Statement” to define how they will live their truth every day) to recommending her documentary “A Call to Courage” as … Continue reading

a new day

In our HHS125 class this semester, students are not given homework each week – all activities are done in class (other than the three poster projects). Instead, we are using the quote the quote by Abraham Maslow – “In any given moment each day, you have two options: you can choose to step forward into … Continue reading

not for everyone

Lots of inspiration the past two days!  For the past few days, I’ve been inspired by the students in my HHS125 classes as they share their statements on how they will live their truth! Today, I had an interesting chat with one of my colleagues this morning – and she asked me why wasn’t my … Continue reading

courage and vulnerability

Two Posts Today!  I was inspired to share! It’s Week 2 in the HHS125 class…and the students get their first taste into storytelling. This is one of my favorite classes because this is the week we have them think about the story they’re telling themselves – and how they have an opportunity to tell a … Continue reading

rate your life

We’re now into our second week of classes.  In Week 1 of our HHS125 class, students have an opportunity to learn about me (as the lead facilitator/coach) and about each other.  It’s been interesting to hear them share their answers to our introduction worksheet.  The two most pertinent to me are: One a scale from … Continue reading


Today’s post contains a process to be your own coach, also known as “self-coaching.”  I attended “The Future of Coaching in Higher Education” Summit at the University of Colorado last week – interesting event.  As I was listening to the conversations around me for the two-plus days around academic/success coaching, I kept asking myself, “Is … Continue reading