benefits of core values

In the post yesterday, I shared the value tags activity we’re doing in class this semester.

We’ve been getting some interesting feedback from the students; several shared that this activity confirms their desire to switch their major.  A few asked if they could keep the value tags so that they can have their partner, roommate, family members, and/or friends do the activity.  Coupled with their personality type (last week) and their strengths (next week), the level of self-awareness should prepare them in creating their meaningful work statement in two weeks – a statement that defines how they want to profoundly serve the world.

As I was looking through my resources, I found an article that I loved that addressed the benefits of knowing your values.  The article below identifies eight different benefits of knowing and understanding your values.  Reason #1 for knowing your values?  Values help you find your purpose – which is what this course is all about.  You can see the other seven benefits here:

They are that important.

Your task is to help every person you know determine their core values.

Are you with me?

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