the comparison trap

Hi again!  Took a little break from blogging due to travel; facilitated a half-day staff development and a half-day faculty development Life Design workshops at Folsom Lake College in California last week.  Awesome experience!  It’s always a joy to be around kindred spirits!

Both workshops used many of the tools that I’ve Incorporated into our “What Could I Do With My Life” course.  However, the morning session focused on how they could be implemented in one’s personal life; the afternoon session on how the tools can help students get clear about their path.  Lots of fun for me, since I LOVE working with adults!

Today’s post is on an article I read this morning about comparisons, whether comparing ourselves to others that are doing and achieving more or those doing and achieving less.  In this article, both are seen as detrimental to living well.  If you have 3-4 minutes, you can read it here:

In this age of digital addiction, it’s even more a problem than ever before!

Instead of comparing yourself to others, what if you compared yourself today with yourself yesterday – or a week ago, month ago, or year ago.

How did YOU get better today?

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