Re-Imagine You

Good day friends!

I wanted to share an interesting conversation I had with my colleague Megan this morning that I think might be pertinent to these various groups.

We were talking about the conversations/changes that are coming on our campus – mainly to our General Education program and our Student “Transitions” programs.

As we were talking, the following popped into my mind – and I would challenge you to complete this sentence, as honestly as possible:

“At out institution, we want our first-year students to….”

And after you complete the sentence, honestly ask yourself, “Are you actually doing it?”

After Megan and I shared our thoughts – and luckily we were on the same page. Our work centers around optimizing lives, living with purpose, serving something bigger than yourself, understanding your place in the world, knowing you matter, and becoming your best self – in case you were wondering.

I shared with her a new tool that I created to help students (and others) think about their “work” lives via developing their entrepreneurial spirit, defined as: (1) becoming deeply engaged in and committed to personally rewarding purposeful, passionate goals; (2) being intentional and resilient in taking calculated risks by stepping out of your comfort zone to create value and generate meaningful results despite adversity and obstacles; and (3) using curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness to design a better life and a better future for yourself and for others. (Side note: There’s a difference between the entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurial mindset – the entrepreneurial mindset originates from the head, the entrepreneurial spirit originates from the heart.)

Anyway, as we were thinking about a name for this new tool (for now, we’re going with “Inquiry You”), the conversation led to two words that really summed up our Life Design Catalyst Program: Re-Imagine You!

Imagine, for a minute, a program for new first-year students (or younger) that had them explore the possibilities of re-imagining what the best version of themselves could looks like – personally and professionally. Imagine what college would be like for a first-year student if we could help them explore the possibilities with Disney World-like wonder – and how they could apply it to their personal lives and in the work they do? What would that look like? And then, think about those possibilities for YOU – and the work that you do with students and for yourself? How would that impact your ikigai – the THING that gets you out of bed in the morning?

The only word I could come up with is…WOW!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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