the year of you, day 2

January 2, 2021

Question: What roles do you hope to play in the future?

Answer: Here are the roles that I plan to continue in the future – father, friend, dog owner, exercise fanatic, catalyst, supporter, encourager. And here are specific roles that I hope to play in the future: successful business co-owner, devoted partner, single-digit handicap golfer, lifelong learner, avid reader of books, life design catalyst guide, go-giver.

The new roles are very descriptive, but are also aligned with my goals/intentions for 2021. How about you?

Meditation for week: Guided Breathing Meditation (Diana Winston) –

Motivating song: A New Day (Danny Gokey) –

Last thing…for the past three nights, I’ve been reading the book, “The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life” by Edith Eger (Here’s the link on Amazon: If you have “skeletons” in your closet, this is a must read! Each chapter in the book is a lesson – and my favorite was “Would You Like to Be Married to You?” Sounds like a great choice for a book discussion.

After reading this book, then replaying yesterday’s video with Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins, I realized that one of the changes I need to make in my life is to focus more on appreciation and less on expectations. More on that another time. But I will say that admitting/realizing this makes me appreciate all that I can do and all the wonderful people in my life. Truly grateful!

2 thoughts on “the year of you, day 2

  1. Oh, future roles. I’d like to continue those from before and add: Project Management professional (starting a certification course next week), hiker (when my knees are fixed), swimmer (by actually learning how), grandma (not in the near future), motorcyclist, and world traveler.

  2. “Go-Giver” – I must know more about this! What does this mean to you?

    I hope to continue each of my current roles in various capacities for the forseeable future. I think I would add in the future: leadership coach, corporate manager, corporate executive, established blogger, profitable side-hustle earner, & mother!

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