a hard lesson…

I just finished reading this article, “The Hardest Thing to Accept in Life” by Lukas Schwekendiek – https://lukas-schwekendiek.medium.com/the-hardest-thing-to-accept-in-life-a2ba6a2a8e0c

You ever read one of those articles where you spend most of your time nodding your head? Well, this was one of those articles for me. My personal and professional life is at a crossroads right now – and I am really thinking hard about what I want to do. And in the articles, sometimes it means to just start over. Here are two parts that REALLY resonated with me:

– – – – –

The hardest thing to accept is every time one has to accept it was their own fault.

Letting go of that pride, that wishful thinking, that nostalgia and that better sense of self and looking at the reality of what is instead; that is hard.

It’s hard because we have to surrender the image we’ve built up of ourselves over the years, some aspects of which hold a lot of meaning and value to us.

In an attempt to hold onto this we usually brush the minor counter arguments away. But sometimes we cannot run away in that way any more.

To give you just a few examples you can ask yourself these questions and then see how easy it is to accept any of them:

  • Are you doing everything you can to reach your dream? Yes or No?
  • Did you actually spend enough hours on your relationship last week? Did you truly make an effort? Yes or No?
  • Do you fall asleep, at the end of the day, happy and exhausted because you really tried that day? Yes or No?
  • Do you love your current life? Yes or No?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No” then you screwed up.

It is your fault that you are not putting in the effort, your fault that you are not where you want to be and your fault that your life is what it is.

Can you accept that?

– – – – –

So, if you answered “No” to at least one of the questions and now that you can accept that life isn’t what it truly needs to be, what do you do about it? He ends the article with this:

Part 2

When are you going to take your life into your own hands? When will you stop relying on the world around you to make life better for you? When do you finally say that you’ve waited enough?

The truth of the matter is simple: You can always do more.

You can always go on an another date, always work out a little harder, always stay another hour, and always do a little more.

Sometimes, it is not worth the effort. But often we simply do not want to surrender our own comfort to try.

In the end, it is only on you to choose.

It is your choice as to how much you do and how much you complain, because it is you that has to pay the consequences either way, just like it is you that reaps whatever rewards there may or may not be.

This is your life. You have to live it. Are you happy with the way it is so far?

If you are not, then my only question is this: What did YOU not do?

– – – – –

The solution? It’s a choice – you can always do more. How’s that for hitting you hard in the face? Thank you Lukas.


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