the year of you, day 169

Friday, June 18, 2021 (Day 169)

Relaxing Music for the week: Oneness: Liquid Mind (8:13) –

Question: Describe a time when you helped a friend in need.

Answer: I’ll describe a most recent example. Last week we hosted Life Design Catalyst Training in Burlington, NC; one of our participants had an “adventure” with Uber getting from the airport to the hotel the day before the Training. For me, that’s not acceptable; to make her experience much more enjoyable, I decided to take her back to the airport on the last day when we ended, to make sure she avoided any craziness getting home. That’s what makes our Training different; I want our participants to feel like they are part of a family, not feel as if it’s another Training experience. When a person goes through four days of Life Design Catalyst work, doing activities that really get you to think about who you are and how you serve, it can get pretty deep. So to me, everyone who attends is like family to me. I think this is an interesting prompt, because a friend in need doesn’t have to be something substantial; it could be just listening to them as they talk something out. Or just helping them bring their groceries in from their car. Every little (or big) gesture can be helping a friend in need, so I hope this question isn’t seen as doing something big. Just be kind.

Other Stuff

Next Monday, I have a meeting with my new boss; it will be interesting to see what happens in our conversation. One of the things that I’ve noticed is that, at least in my position, I am almost non-existent, despite creating and expanding the nationally-known Life Design Catalyst Program. I’m sure they don’t read my blog; if they did, our higher ups should read this article:

If there’s one piece of advice (out of seven) I would share with them, understand this: “It’s the little things that matter.” “Please” and “Thank you” every now and then goes a long way to keep me (and my colleagues) engaged.


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