the year of you, day 173

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 (Day 173)

Relaxing Music for the week: Reflection: Liquid Mind (8:19) –

Question: What does your happy ever after look like?

Answer: I don’t know if I have a “happy ever after.” As long as I get to engage in activities that allow me to continuously grow and serve others profoundly, I’m good. I find contentment much more rewarding attaining happiness, so everything that I do is more along the lines of “being at ease in my situation, in my body, and in my mind.” Even in the state of uneasiness I’m in for both my personal and professional life, I still find myself in more contented states than in stressful states. I’m really taking time to just do the small things that bring joy and contentment to my life, moment to moment to moment. If I can do that, then life will be good.

Other Stuff

For those thinking about their career paths, here’s an article that might be useful. Check it out here:

The work we do in our Life Design Catalyst Program and the What Could I Do With My Life course addresses the four options, so I believe they are things that you should think about when considering career paths. My favorite option? Purpose.


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