the year of you, day 215

Tuesday, August 3, 2021 (Day 215)

Relaxing Music for the week: Letting Go: Liquid Mind (9:17) –

Question: What is your money story today?

Answer: I mentioned this in yesterday’s post…but my money story is pretty good right now. I’ve been really good about saving for retirement, as well as two different personal savings accounts – one that’s to pay bills, one that’s an emergency fund. Neither are at the levels that I want them to be, but definitely moving in that direction. Rebecca and I also have a joint account that is used for emergencies and taxes. And the only debt we have right now is the mortgage for our townhouse – which I’m hoping to have paid off with 5-6 years. Not much else to share about the money story, especially now that I focus my spending on things I enjoy, like golf outings. Although I do have a little more to spend, I feel like I’m being more frugal now that I have been in the past, mostly because there isn’t much that I want or need right now. I know that I’ll need a few repairs on my car, but that’s probably the only thing that I have to deal with over the next couple of months – until the “period of pain” comes between Halloween and Valentine’s Day. Yeah!

Other Stuff

Looking for happiness? STOP! Check out this article:

I always find these articles interesting, especially now that I’m infusing a lot more purpose into LDC work.

On a personal level, I find myself continually seeking fulfillment, so this article resonates with me. I thought it was interesting how the author saw contentment and happiness at the same level, which I don’t agree with. I would argue that happiness is fleeting, where contentment is every-lasting.

What about you? Happiness or fulfillment?


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