the year of you, day 220

Sunday, August 8, 2021 (Day 220)

NEW Relaxing Music for the week: Finding My Way: Liquid Mind (9:20) –

Question: What is your biggest fear in relation to money?

Answer: I would have said that the market tanking would be my biggest worry, but I noticed that it’s happened twice since I’ve started a portfolio (2008 and 2020) – and both times it’s bounced back in significant ways. So that’s definitely not a fear any more. I’m a pretty aggressive investor, so it’s been interesting to watch it go up and down like a rollercoaster. Luckily, it’s been a lot more up than down, so that’s been a plus. If I had to have a worry (not a fear), it would to wonder what the world is going to look like by 2030, with so much change going on. Will the economy be okay enough that we’ll be able to last another 25 years after retirement? If I live to 87, that will take me to the year 2050; what’s the world going to look like then? And what will “money” mean to me by then? I’m not planning on getting social security, so everything I’m doing is focused on our portfolio. And what will Rebecca be doing? How is she growing her portfolio right now? She’s five years younger than me, so I’m hoping that she’s looking at the future and what her life will look like by 2030 – or even 2050, since she’s more likely to reach her 80’s than I am. Anyway, these are things to think about, not dwell on, but at least to think about. We have a great financial advisor (Kelly), so we’re in good hands right now.


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