the year of you, day 297

Monday, October 25, 2021 (Day 297)

Relaxing Music for the week: Loving Touch: Deuter (10:10) –

Question: What would you like your predominant feelings to be over the next week? What can you do to create those feelings?

Answer: There are two predominant feelings I want to have over the next week – and I would say for the rest of 2021. Those two feelings? Excitement and secure. Excitement that we’ll be offering our next Life Design Catalyst Training in December – and we’ll have some really great people attending. To sustain that feeling of excitement, I’ll be connecting with the Tribe in a variety of ways, whether it’s via email, phone, Zoom, etc. I believe I’ll be able to feed off their energy as I navigate this next chapter in my life. I also want to feel secure, if possible, in that I have plans to know my “what’s next” in 2022 – or at least move in that direction. Being here at UNCG is really disheartening right now…and the more conversations I have with people, the more depressing things seem to be here. I have found VERY few people excited about being here – makes me feel like it’s all of the people making six figures or more, because the people on the ground floor making less aren’t happy. And as I read more and more articles about people leaving the workplace, you can see it happening here at UNCG and the School of HHS. When Celia Hooper was Dean here, it’s actually seemed like a family; now, not even close. I know NOTHING about our School of HHS Administration – the Dean, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs (my boss), and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs. There’s ZERO connection with these people and they haven’t made ANY attempts to get us to know them any better. Maybe they’re just waiting to get their own people here, but just getting new people in charge won’t make things much better. They’ll still have to make staff feel heard and valued – and right now, that’s not happening. So secure is the other feeling I’d like to have.

Other Stuff

I always find it amazing that God puts things in place for me to observe at the right time. This morning, I decided to flip through the book, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” by Daniel Pink. I purchased it when Rebecca and I went to visit my daughters in Georgia a couple of weeks ago. As I was skimming different sections of the book, I found a little section titled, “When to Quit a Job: A Guide.” Here’s what it says in the book:

Many “when” decisions involve endings. And one of the biggest is when to leave a job that just isn’t working out. That’s a big step, a risky move, and not always a choice for some people. But if you’re contemplating this option, here are five questions to help you decide. If your answer to two or more of these is “no,” it might be time to craft and end.

  1. Do you want to be in this job in your next work anniversary? If you dread the thought of being at your job on your next work anniversary, start looking now. You’ll be better prepared when the time comes.
  2. Is your current job both demanding and in your control? If your job doesn’t provide both challenge and autonomy, and there’s nothing you can do to make things better, consider a move.
  3. Does your boss allow you to do your best work? If your boss has your back, takes responsibility instead of blaming others, encourages your efforts but also gets out of your way, and displays a sense of humor rather than a raging temper, you’re probably in a good place. If you’re boss is the opposite, watch out – and maybe get out.
  4. Are you outside the three- to five-year salary bump window? One of the best ways to boost your pay is to switch organizations. And the best time to do that is often three to five years after you’ve started.
  5. Does your daily work align with your long-term goals? Take a moment and list your top two or three goals for the next five and ten years, If your current employer can help you reach them, great. If not, think about an ending.

So, did you learn anything from this little quiz? If you’ve been reading this blog, you KNOW where I stand! It’s time for an ending…


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