the year of you, day 312

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 (Day 312)

Relaxing Music for the week: Brother to the Wind: Deuter (10:19) –

Question: Do you believe you have a soul? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, I believe that I (and everyone else) has a soul. I believe our soul has the information that guides our intrinsic motivation – vs. the ego that drives our extrinsic motivation. Our soul contains information about our purpose, as well as our essence (information on how we show up in the world on a daily basis without knowing). I remember when I went through Purpose Training with Tim Kelley (author of the book, “True Purpose: 12 Strategies for Discovering the Difference You Are Meant to Make” many years ago, we had this pretty deep discussion about ego vs soul. It was very enlightening for me, since I learned that most of my decisions were being made based on my ego – and keeping my ego safe. I think today, I am much more connected with my soul, which allows me to engage in activities that are more intrinsically driven (vs extrinsically driven). It’s my hope that I can find ways to get young people to connect with their soul more, since most are driven by the extrinsic rewards (selfies, likes, followers, etc.). What ever happened to personal relationships? Connecting with human beings in person, on a deeper level? I think that’s why we have so many people attend our Life Design Catalyst Training – to connect with like-minded souls for three days of awesome work.

Other Stuff

Yesterday, I shared an article about purpose throughout one’s lifetime; today, I’m going to share one about finding your purpose. Although we each were put on this earth to be our best selves in service to others, how do we know what it means to be our best self and/or serve others? This article provides some ways to explore:

It’s a really neat article to read because we (my colleague Megan and I) have created tools and activities around many of the suggestions listed in the article. In fact, many of these suggestions are used to help our students write meaningful work statements, problem to solve one-liners, and vision for service statements in order to have a starting place. And they get to create Lifework Plans that provide guidance to further exploration. As you guess, my work is extremely rewarding – and even better when I get to share it with others!


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