live to 100

Friday, January 28, 2022

Relaxing Music for the month: Healing Hands: Liquid Mind (12:01) –

For fun – and something a little different – I read these two articles about living to and past 100 years of age. I’ve always had the mentality that I would live to 100, know that I want to at least still be doing physical activities so that I might be able to finally win a medal/trophy in competition. By then, there won’t be much competition – of course, that’s relative to now. In 41 years, there could be millions and millions of 100 year-olds out there competing in running/walking races, playing golf, tennis, and/or pickleball tournaments, and other crazy young person events.

So, if you want some fun reads today, check out these two articles:

If I live to 100 or longer, I want to make sure I’m not a burden to my wife, my children, or my (future) grandchildren. That’s my goal! Anybody else out there want to live to 100? If so, let’s do this together!



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