inspirational videos

It’s been a while since I last posted; life and work sometimes get in the way! I plan to share several posts over the next few days, so get ready for great stuff! As we get closer to the end of our “What Could I Do With My Life” class this semester, I wanted to … Continue reading

before you give up

This week, we’re finishing up the last of our “Self-Awareness” activities.  Two weeks ago, we focused on personality (Myers-Briggs, Holland code, and Enneagram); last week, students explored their values (personal core, desired work, and lifestyle).  This week, we’re focused on strengths – character (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement (Clifton Strengthsfinder).  We’re also exploring a new … Continue reading

facilitator training program – Dec 2019

This is just a brief posting regarding the next Life Design Catalyst Coach-Guide Facilitator Training. – – – – – As an educator, how are you showing up for your students? And how are you preparing them for an unpredictable future? Let’s start with a list of statements that may best describe your work situation: … Continue reading


In our staff meeting yesterday, our boss shared with us that our Student Health Services department has noticed a significant increase in the number of students seen compared to the same time last year.  I also heard that the number of suicide attempts is on the rise.  And my colleague Megan stated that she created … Continue reading

let it go

During my hour-long workout this morning, I decided to switch up my workout music.  Instead of listening to my regular playlist, I decided to listen to Billboard’s Top 50 Christian songs for the week of September 14, 2019.  What a great choice! There were definitely songs that got my blood pumping, as well as songs … Continue reading

daring classrooms

As many of you know, I am a big Brene Brown fan!  From showing her TED Talk in our “What Could I Do With My Life” course (to help our students developing an “I Am Statement” to define how they will live their truth every day) to recommending her documentary “A Call to Courage” as … Continue reading