not for everyone

Lots of inspiration the past two days!  For the past few days, I’ve been inspired by the students in my HHS125 classes as they share their statements on how they will live their truth! Today, I had an interesting chat with one of my colleagues this morning – and she asked me why wasn’t my … Continue reading

courage and vulnerability

Two Posts Today!  I was inspired to share! It’s Week 2 in the HHS125 class…and the students get their first taste into storytelling. This is one of my favorite classes because this is the week we have them think about the story they’re telling themselves – and how they have an opportunity to tell a … Continue reading

rate your life

We’re now into our second week of classes.  In Week 1 of our HHS125 class, students have an opportunity to learn about me (as the lead facilitator/coach) and about each other.  It’s been interesting to hear them share their answers to our introduction worksheet.  The two most pertinent to me are: One a scale from … Continue reading


Today’s post contains a process to be your own coach, also known as “self-coaching.”  I attended “The Future of Coaching in Higher Education” Summit at the University of Colorado last week – interesting event.  As I was listening to the conversations around me for the two-plus days around academic/success coaching, I kept asking myself, “Is … Continue reading

nine lies about work, part 2

So on Wednesday, I shared the Nine Lies About Work, from the book of the same title by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. Now, here’s what they state as the Nine Truths About Work” Lie #1: People care which company they work for. (Truth #1: People care about which team they are on, because the … Continue reading

nine lies about work, part 1

Two posts in one day!  I’m on a roll! Just curious…is there anyone out there who has read the book, “Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall? I just finished reading it and found the philosophy absolutely FASCINATING! I would love to hear other … Continue reading

your work is not for everyone

As I continue to contemplate how Life Design work is integrated into higher education, in my work as an educator and as a business, I’ve been trying to identify the population I want to serve, my target market.  In my entrepreneurship classes, when I ask students, “Who is your target market?,” they will typically respond … Continue reading