Are you ready for the “30-Day Life Change Challenge?”

butterfly001.jpgThis past Spring Semester (in February, 2013), the students in my “Personal and Academic Success” course (HHS125) took part in a 28-Day, Kick-Ass Life Change Coaching Challenge.  This “Challenge” had them identify one thing that they would like to either add, subtract, or change in their life.  So, for one month, we (yes, I participated with the students) came up with one thing to work on for a month; I decided that I would give up soda completely for a month.  Most of the class decided on something related to health or diet, although I had a few that did much more interesting challenges, such as contact a friend or family member, write in a journal, or no social media.  At the end of February, a little over 50% completed the challenge; for those that completed the challenge, they each received a t-shirt stating (in bold letters) that they completed the challenge.  And yes, I also completed the challenge; in fact, I have not had a drop of soda since I started the challenge!

This 2013 Fall Semester, I’m going to have the students participate in the 30-day Life Change Coaching Challenge; however, their first challenge will be centered around happiness.  If you have about 12 and a half minutes and change, check out Shawn Anchor’s TED Talk, “The Happy Secret to Better Work (  If people can be happy at work, why can’t students be happy at school?  At the 11:05 mark on the video, he shares five different changes that a person can make to be more positive and happy in life – 3 gratitudes, journaling, meditation, exercise, and random acts of kindness.  (Note: In the Fall, since meditation is a significant component in the class, they will learn the basics of meditation and have access to a few strategies to meditate on a daily basis if students decide to chose this option).  At the end of the 30 days, I would like to have a discussion about the effectiveness of their 30-day challenge – and have them then take on another challenge that’s more personal if they desire.  Any thoughts?

So, are you interested in taking on the 30-Day Life Change Challenge?  Do you want to increase your level of happiness?  If so, use the life change challenge  worksheet (life change challenge commitment worksheet, 5-30-13)  to write down the one change you’d like to make and to keep track of your progress.  Make sure to put the worksheet in a place where you can see it every day for the next 30 Days.  And since June 1st is right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to try something new for the next 30 days!  If you’re wondering…I will also be participating (and documenting) my 30 day challenge here on this blog site.  Since I already exercise on a regular basis, I decided that I’m going to meditate for at least 15 minutes every day; I was very good about meditating every day during the semester, but I’ve regressed a little since the semester ended a month ago – and now I’m only doing it 3-4 days a week!   When I’m doing it every day, my life just seems to be more settled and at peace.  Time to get back into the daily practice!

So, what will YOU do for your 30-Day Life Change Challenge?  If you plan to take on this challenge, take a minute to post your idea in the comments section.  Enjoy…and keep checking back on my progress!

P.S.  Remember, it takes 21-32 days to change a habit, so use this process as a way to add something special to your life!

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30-Day Life Change Challenge: Meditation for at least 15 minutes every day…

  • Day 1 (Saturday, June 1) – Music meditation sitting in chair for 21+ minutes (afternoon)
  • Day 2 (Sunday, June 2) – Silent meditation full body stretched out on floor for 30 minutes (morning)
  • Day 3 (Monday, June 3) – Silent meditation in cross-legged position for 20 minutes (evening)
  • Day 4 (Tuesday, June 4) – Music meditation in cross-legged position for 15+ minutes (evening)
  • Day 5 (Wednesday, June 5) – Sound meditation in cross-legged position for 20 minutes (evening)
  • Day 6 (Thursday, June 6) – Music meditation in cross-legged position for 20 minutes (evening)
  • Day 7 (Friday, June 7) – Music meditation in cross-legged position for 19 minutes (evening)
  • Day 8 (Saturday, June 8) – Music meditation in cross-legged position for 20 minutes (evening)
  • Day 9 (Sunday, June 9) –
  • Day 10 (Monday, June 10) –
  • Day 11 (Tuesday, June 11) –
  • Day 12 (Wednesday, June 12) –
  • Day 13 (Thursday, June 13) –
  • Day 14 (Friday, June 14) –
  • Day 15 (Saturday, June 15) –
  • Day 16 (Sunday, June 16) –
  • Day 17 (Monday, June 17) –
  • Day 18 (Tuesday, June 18) –
  • Day 19 (Wednesday, June 19) –
  • Day 20 (Thursday, June 20) –
  • Day 21 (Friday, June 21) –
  • Day 22 (Saturday, June 22) –
  • Day 23 (Sunday, June 23) –
  • Day 24 (Monday, June 24) –
  • Day 25 (Tuesday, June 25) –
  • Day 26 (Wednesday, June 26) –
  • Day 27 (Thursday, June 27) –
  • Day 28 (Friday, June 28) –
  • Day 29 (Saturday, June 29) –
  • Day 30 (Sunday, June 30) –


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