Wanna trade…day 1

I’m BACK! After taking off for a few months, I decided it was time to start writing again! To be short and sweet, I got burnt out – on life! Too many commitments, too many things to do, too much on my plate! It got to the point where writing became a chore!

But now I’m back, better than ever, more engaged with my work and my life! And ready to take on the world with a new attitude!

This Spring Semester, I’m teaching four different classes, three of them new. More on that in another blog entry. For now, I wanted to share a project in my “Spirituality and Entrepreneurship” class, inspired by Kyle MacDonald’s “One Red Paperclip” (http://oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com/). In a nutshell, he started out trading a red paperclip…and ended up with a house! This week, I challenged my class to identify “something” they’d like to receive for a 2″ binder clip. To prime the pump, we came up with a list of uses for a binder clip, as well as ideas for a “pitch” to trade their binder clip. I’ve listed several of the ultimate rewards people would like to get for their binder clip:


  • Obtain a pair of Nike Air Pegasus sneakers
  • Dinner at the Green Valley Grill
  • Half-Day Spa Retreat
  • Ticket to Fashion Week in New York
  • Free room for 5 days in Orlando during Spring Break
  • One night stay in the Grandover Hotel
  • Attend the Rhetoric 2014 Conference in California
  • Individual lunch with Chancellor Brady
  • Free plane ticket to Philadelphia, PA

I will post my “adventure” over the next week regarding trades for my binder clip, as well as the results of the students in my class. We will also share what the experience was like, as well as lessons learned. Should be interesting and fun!

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