wanna trade…day 2

So, for this binder clip exercise, I decided that my ultimate goal would be to get at least one free airline ticket for a trip to Philadelphia, to visit many of my dearest friends (of course, after all of the bad weather).  The binder clip is now history!

Day 2:  My first trade was with my good friend Steve Moore at UNCG; he traded me this cool portable white board for my 2″ binder clip.  He thought it would be cool to be the first one to start me on my adventure!  As tempted as I was to keep this really handy item, I had to stay focused on my ultimate goal – to get that free ticket!  Maybe someone has a mega-amount of frequent flyer miles and believes that they can live without this portable white board – with carrying case (that also works as an eraser) and a marker with an eraser!  How cool is that?

So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow (Friday)…Day 3!

pic 1pic 2

P.S. One student in the class shared that she had already made 11 trades after the first day- and made a 12th trade right after we finished talking!  I also heard rumors that several other students have already made a few trades, moving closer to their ultimate prize!

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