wanna trade…day 5

I skipped Day 4 trading due to spending most of my Saturday on campus doing a presentation, connecting with a few old friends, shopping at Edward McKay (a used bookstore with stores in both Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC), then going out to a nice dinner with my dear wife Rebecca.  As a side note, my two favorite places to hang out are bookstores: Barnes and Noble and Edward McKay.

butterfly-tradeI know that my wife loves white wine, so I knew that she would trade me a cool “crafty” thing for the bottle of wine.  So, she traded me for this butterfly “thing” that can be hung from a number of different places.  It’s distinct in that when it is moved or shaken, the wings move around like it’s flying.  For me, it’s a really great trade because I get something really different and my wife gets a bottle of wine!  Besides, I don’t have to carry it around in a paper/plastic bad any more!

I have two more days until I have to see what I’m able to get my free plane ticket to Philadelphia.  Honestly, it’s been such a fun exercise to share with other people; it really doesn’t matter what I ended up with after Tuesday’s deadline; just the journey of connecting with friends has been worth it!  Besides, I can’t WAIT to hear the stories from my students about their adventure, especially the one student who I think is trying to get to 100 trades in a week.

So, time to seek out another trade!

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