before i die…

On Saturday, I got back from doing three presentations at the University of Oklahoma…and had an absolutely FANTASTIC time!  What a great bunch of people to hang out with for a few days – especially when sharing strategies to empower students to incorporate purpose and vision into their college experience!  Extremely inspiring!  And a deep, sincere thanks to Dr. Rhonda Kyncl for bringing me to campus and being such an awesome host!  Now, she’s a part of my inner circle!

before i die photo, 3-19-14This past Christmas, I decided to treat myself…and purchased the book, “Before I Die” by Candy Chang.  If you don’t know her story, visit her web site at  In a nutshell, she painted a mural that asked people to share their personal aspirations with the world.  Since then, I’ve been thinking about doing this project, but not sure how.  Well, after my trip to Oklahoma, I decided that it was time…and created a “Before I Die” poster for people to share their aspirations, across from my office (see photo to the right).  I also decided to dedicate this project to my dear friend Bill Evans, who passed away October, 2013 – a month before his 50th Birthday.  He is truly missed!  Poster went up two days ago…and have had several people share their thoughts!

Not only have a few people signed it, but one person wrote on the accompanying sheet, “Thank you for doing this.”  It’s my hope to not only have people share their personal aspirations, but also as a gathering place to think about life – and how short it can be!  It’s time to live life to the fullest, don’t you think?

3 thoughts on “before i die…

    • Yeah, sort of like a bucket list, although very concise. It’s fun watching people stop by to look at it or talk to other people about it, since it’s right outside my door. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  1. Well, I must confess that you and Candy Chang have inspired me. I have decided that with all of the changes going on in my life right now, I need to pick up my journal and start writing again. I also want to make “before I die” a part of each entry. My only dilemma is whether to put it at the beginning or the end…..

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