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What does student success mean to you?

I’m spending the day at the University of North Carolina System-wide Student Success Summit; should be an interesting day.  My goal is to have an open mind at this summit, although many of the sessions are focused on the process of getting students in and out of college.  Instead of the addressing the processes and procedures of student success, what if we could look at advising and student success using the graphic below as the basis of an educational experience:

purpose model, hustle and grind, 4-1-15

Imagine students understanding their purpose early in their education experience…how would their learning be different?  How would their education be different? What if our students were engaged in experiences that would allow them to explore passion, mission, vocation, and profession?  What would you do – and how would you do it?  Want or need ideas?  Become a Purpose and Vision Navigators!

More later…

Update – Student Success Summit is complete.  Main focus was on processes and procedures to get students out of college.  Didn’t see or hear anything on the holistic development of students, integrating purpose and passion as part of the student development process.  A little disappointing, but still glad that I was able to attend.  The experience helped me realize that there needs to be even MORE of a movement to create and build experiences that matter to them as they move forward in their education journey.  Would love to hear a few ideas on how you would change the student experience!

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