pvn training, may 2015…

Last week, I hostedpvn group photo, may 2015 and facilitated the 3rd Purpose and Vision Navigator Training Certification Program at my institution (University of North Carolina at Greensboro).  Unlike the previous two trainings, this group was MUCH different than the last two groups in that: (1) It was much smaller than previous groups – 19 participants, (2) most of the participants were from UNCG (13 of 19 were from UNCG).  It was a true joy to watch them bond quickly and intimately, then learn and share so much so deeply!  A great learning experience, not just for them, but for me as well!  On the left is the group photo taken on the last day of the workshop:

And thank you all for supporting me as I continued to process throughout the workshop two family tragedies over the course of the past 3 months!  You all made this a treasured experience for me, more than words can say!  I hope to see many of you for the December  2015 Training!

If you want to know more about being a Purpose and Vision Navigator, check out the newly created Facebook page!  You don’t have to be a Navigator to join!  And here’s what you would do as a Navigator:

What is a Purpose and Vision Navigator? A Purpose and Vision Navigator (PVN) is similar to a life coach, except they specifically assists others with life exploration, helping them to “find their why.” PVN’s facilitate experiential learning opportunities towards a meaningful path(s), as well as empower students/clients to create experiences that matter to them. Become a trained Navigator to serve others on your campus and in your community!

A Purpose and Vision Navigator:

* Assists others in finding one’s purpose in life and create a vision for the future, based on this purpose.
* Encourages and supports personal growth and development.
* Focuses on instilling effective change and positive behaviors.
* Provides a sounding board to listen and to give honest feedback.
* Acts as an accountability partner, providing empathy and tough love when needed.
* Shares knowledge and advice when applicable.
* Is a change agent who desires to make an impact on the lives of others.
* Serves as a coach, a teacher, an advisor, a guide, a motivator, a mentor, a career guide, an advocate, and a friend.

In addition, a Purpose and Vision Navigator helps others:

* Have a higher level of self-awareness.
* Seek self-discovery.
* Set smarter and more applicable goals and dreams.
* Increase self-confidence.
* Identify more opportunities for meaningful work.
* Implement more desirable habits.
* Sustain and improve relationships.
* Achieve higher levels in life and career.
* Take more personal responsibility for actions and decisions.
* Create lives that matter.

If you are looking for change in your life and want to explore in a different and unique way, become a Purpose and Vision Navigator and find your path in life!  (Note: For more about the training, check out the training web site at: https://thedreamdean.wordpress.com/purpose-and-vision-navigator-certificate-program/)

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