Your Meaningful Work – Day 4: Audience


This is the last day of activities, before the creation of your meaningful work statement!

Day 4 of “Your Meaningful Work” will have you identify your Audience. This activity will have you address the population(s) you’d like to serve.  Instead of working with “everyone” and “all people,” you will need to narrow down your audience to a few specific group(s).  If you were starting a new business, one of the pieces to your business mode/plan would be for you to identify your target market – in other words, the population/customers you want to serve. So, for your meaningful work, the audience are the people/groups you’d like to help, spend time being around, could see yourself working with, or could see benefiting from what you have to offer/share.  Just like the “Interests” activity, you will choose between three (3) and five (5) items. Note: If there is an audience you’d like to serve but not listed, feel free to add them to your list.

At-Risk Families
At-Risk Students
At-Risk Groups
Blended Families
Blind/Visually Impaired
Business Owners
Children in Foster Care
College Students
Creative People
Deaf/Hearing Impaired
Disaster Victims
Divorced People
Do-It-Yourself (DIY) People
Families (not your own)
Families (your own)
Gangs/Gang Members
High Level Executives
High School Students
Higher Education (Faculty, Staff)
Homeless People
Honors/Exceptional Students
Hospitals/Medical Facilities
K-12 Education (Teachers, Staff)
Leaders (at any level)
LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Allied)
Life Changers
Low-Level/Salaried Staff
Middle-Aged Adults
People from Other Countries
People in Emotional Crisis
People in Marriages
People in Poverty
People in Relationships
People in Rural Areas
People in Urban Areas
People looking for Dates/Romance
People of Specific Ethnic/Racial Groups
People who help Other People
People with Mental/Emotional Issues
People with Physical/Movement Issue
People with Specific Medical Issues
Pet Owners
Physically Abused
Pregnant Adults
Pregnant Teens
Religious/Spiritual Organizations
Single Parents
Single People
Student-Run Organizations
Substance Abusers
Unhealthy People
Unorganized People
Young Children

Write down your three to five choices on the “Your Meaningful Work Worksheet” under the section, “Audience.”

Bill’s Audience

  1. Students, faculty, and staff in higher education
  2. Middle-aged adults (looking to make a change but don’t know where to start)
  3. Life Changers

Feel free to share your list of Interests in the comments section.

15 thoughts on “Your Meaningful Work – Day 4: Audience

  1. My top 5 for audience:
    1. People with dementia
    2. Businesses and non-profits
    3. Government
    4. Communities/neighborhoods/municipality
    5. Health and social care services

    This was eye-opening to me, I realize that I will interact with many more groups than I had been thinking!

  2. My Audience
    1. People with Mental/Emotional issues
    2. Racial minorities (especially Asian Americans)
    3. Females (both cis and trans)
    4. LGBTQIA+

    (The A in LGBTQIA doesn’t stand for allies by the way. It stands for asexual like me!)

  3. 1. Children in impoverished situations
    2. Creative people and action makers
    3. the various ethnic and cultural minorities in Israel and Cambodia, among other countries

  4. Kyeong’s Audience:

    1. College Students
    2. Hospitals/Medical Facilities
    3. Immigrants
    4. Religious/Spiritual Organizations
    5. Families

  5. *Families (my own and others)
    *Females/mothers/women in, or desiring to be in, leadership roles
    *Young children

  6. 1. _Blended families_____________________
    2. _College students_____________________
    3. _Creative people_______________________
    4. _Minorities/People with a lesser dominant culture
    5. _People with mental health issues_________

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