be an opportunity maker

I had a chance to play golf this morning, so early that I was the first one off the tee.  Two other guys showed up after I hit, but wasn’t interested in playing.  As I bounded around the course, I was thinking how this could have been a great opportunity to meet a couple of new people.  Last week, I played with a third-year medical student (Neil); we had many enlightening conversations and played some pretty great golf together.

For today, here’s a chance for you to look at developing relationships in a much different way.  What if you lived your life as an “opportunity maker,” where you could find ways to connect people with diverse backgrounds to create something magical?  Here’s a TED Talk that might inspire you to create a mutuality mindset and be an opportunity maker:

Be an Opportunity Maker: Kare Anderson (TED Talk) –

Would love to hear any thoughts about her video or about developing the mutuality mindset.

P.S.  I liked her video so much that I got her book, “Mutuality Matters: How You Can Create More Opportunity Adventure & Friendship With Others.”

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