learning revolution

During my morning workout this morning, I started to think about the talks, videos, speeches, etc. that have inspired me the most over the years.  When I started this Make College Matter/Life Design Catalyst work several years ago, there was ONE video that really inspired me to find ways to help people – young and old – create a better educational experience, one that was focused on them becoming their best self.  More importantly, where they could be empowered to create these experiences – within and/or outside the education system.

What inspired me most?  Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk, “Bring on the Learning Revolution.”  If you haven’t seen it or need a refresher, here’s the link:

Inspires me to do more every time I watch it!

So, what does the “Learning Revolution” mean for you?  And what can you do to make the learning experience more meaningful?

Let’s do this together!


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