children we mean to raise

As I prepare to speak to 100+ Latino students, I think about the ONE message I want them to embrace once we are done.  And I keep coming back to this: Serve Profoundly.

My youngest daughter Bethany is here this week for a visit.   On our drive back to North Carolina (from Georgia), I asked her what’s the trait that is most appealing in him.  She shared that he has the BIG heart – which I’ve noticed!  I get a sense that he really does profoundly serve others from a place of genuine love.  And you can’t ask for more than that from a person.

With that said, here’s an interesting article that really looks into achievement and happiness VS. caring for others:

The Children We Mean to Raise –

Read the article and decide which way you lean.  If you’ve read a few of these blog posts, you can guess which side I subscribe to.  It’s up to us to do this together.

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