relationship advice

Okay, one more article on relationships. But a really good one.

One word of warning…if you get offended by profanity, then you might find this article hard to read. The author’s writing style works for me, but it’s not for everyone.

Mark Manson, another one of my favorite authors, wrote an article about relationship advice. A couple of weeks after he got married, he decided to ask people who’ve been married 10+ years and still happy in their relationship for marriage advice. He received 1,500 responses – and compiled those responses in the following article:

“1,500 People Give All the Relationship Advice You’ll Every Need” –

I won’t lie – the article definitely gave me food for thought. Some of the things my wife Rebecca and I do well, some stuff still needs work. So I wondered…if I could do just ONE thing differently, how could that change my marriage in a positive way?

It’s also a great article for those contemplating marriage or in a committed relationship.

Hope it works for you!

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