how do you measure your life?

Another Mark Manson gem!  This one addresses social comparison, something that we all do – some more than others.

I love his approach, as he uses what he calls “Happiness Hypotheticals” as his way to determine his metrics for success.  Questions that really get you think about success and happiness in your life.

Here’s an example: “Would you rather be someone famous and influential for something that doesn’t matter (like, say, being on a reality TV show), or be anonymous and unknown despite working on something that is insanely important (like, for instance, researching cures for cancer)?”

Which would you choose?

If you liked that question and have 10 minutes, check out the article here:

“How Do You Measure Your Life?” –

After reading the article, it further reinforced my commitment to help people optimize their lives, actualize their potential, and thrive in order to become better people and make a difference in the world – one person, one class, and one workshop at a time.

That’s how I measure my life.  How about you?

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