delusions of entrepreneurship

As I prepare an opportunity for a few close friends and Life Design Catalyst Tribe members to venture into the entrepreneurship world by introducing them to the world of side hustles, I remember the real reason why I started the Life Design Catalyst tribe in the first place – I wanted to create a group of like-minded people who were inspired to help people thrive, using purpose and dreams as the foundation for success in work and in life.

And now, four years later, our tribe continue to grow and expand internationally!  And, every now and them when I feel down in the dumps and/or wonder why I decided to take on this project, I think back to the original reason – the tribe – and that inspires me once again.

If you’re thinking about going out on your own, here’s a great article from Jonathan Fields that really explains the true “why” for going into business.  If you want to know, read the article, because I won’t tell you the answer (if you didn’t figure it out already).

“The 4 Delusions of Entrepreneurs” –

So, why do YOU want to start your own business?

Find Your Why, Find Your Way NOW!!!

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